I have felt like An Old since back when I was still A Young, but now that I’m more of a Middle-Aged, I’m just leaning into it and Gigi Hadid is helping. Exhibit A: When this photo loaded, I thought, “That Gigi Hadid is such a pretty young lady. At least her hair is out of her face!” Then I thought, “I don’t know why this photo is at such a silly angle!” Then I thought, “socks and sandals? Maybe to take out the trash!” Then I thought, “bike shorts?! Only if you’re Kelly Taylor.”  Then I thought, “double denim?! More like double trouble, amirite?!” Then I turned on Murder, She Wrote and really properly relaxed. Have fun out there, youngsters!

[Photo by Lexie Moreland/WWD/Shutterstock]
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