Yes, I know, this is long! But that’s the beauty of not having editors: WE CAN GO CRAZY. (Yes, we probably need editors.)(No, we will not be hiring editors.)(We would rather stay in business, besides which, I made enough decisions in a day. Cutting 50 pictures of bad outfits is not one I relish, when I would much rather just REVEL IN THEIR AWFULNESS.)

Anyway, one way to whittle this down without actually whittling anything at all: splitting out the sheers into their own show. So everything here SHOULD be opaque. What a treat that is.

Happy 2019, y’all! May it bless us with a whole slew of celebrity fug and then deep, deep sales on all the other stuff that’s making our shopping fingers twitch.

[Photos: Rex/Shutterstock,, WENN]
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