GWYNETH: Good day, Robert.

RDJ: Guten Tag, Lady Paltrow. Fine day for it. Fine, fine day.

GWYNETH: For what?

RDJ: For wearing my manty-hosen, Queen G.

GWYNETH: Manty-hosen?

RDJ: It’s what I call my lederhosen. My German garb. We’re in Munich, after all. I thought I’d dress the part. Why no dirndl, Duchess GOOPsalot?

GWYNETH: Robert, I can’t be seen engaging in hijinks. I have a cookbook now. Two, actually. I’m a mogul.

RDJ: Tell me, O Bride of GOOPenstein, does one of the recipes call for a pinch from a Pepper Potts?

GWYNETH: Very funny, Robert. You’re like the spirit of Richard Simmons in the body of a movie star Eagle Scout.

RDJ: That is the HIGHEST compliment, GOOP Beverly Hills.

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