I think this whole look is flirty and adorable, and alluringly bright. My wing of GFY HQ has been operating from the UK this week, sightseeing with the beans while y’all are slumbering and then typing through leg sweat before bed because we don’t have air conditioning. OH THE HUMANITY. HOW I HAVE SUFFERED. HEROIC. ETC. (I’ve been Instagramming it, on my feed and in Stories, if you want to come hang.) Now, I share this only because my reaction here was, “Oh, that looks like beautiful old needlework or weaving that you’d hang on your wall,” and that might be because I’ve been going to places that are chock-a-block with beautiful needlework or weavings hung on the walls. It ALSO makes me wish that the Wimbledon winner would turn his trophy into a planter (I say “his” because the women get a giant plate, which wouldn’t work so well), and THAT might be because Wimbledon is televised in every other public square or market we’ve passed. If I turn around in five minutes and decide it’s making me hungry for a packet of crisps that are Gilt and Flower Flavor, you’ll know I’ve gotten a bit too single-minded.

[Photo: Getty]