Don’t read on if you haven’t seen the episode.

If you have…


Jessica texted me a warning, and once I got over the fact that to this non-regular viewer “the Hound and the Mountain fight” sounded like an emoji sentence, I was like, “YOU ARE A GOOD FRIEND AND I AM TURNING AWAY,” and I did. Bless. Happy Mother’s Day to ME.

– I know Cersei was responsible for a major death last week, but doesn’t it feel like — for a major character — she’s been weirdly tangential this season? Except for that last piece, when she cried, she basically wore the exact same facial expression every time she was on camera. Is that the norm?

– Her death felt a wee anti-climactic and on-the-nose to me, crushed to death by life and her enemies. I like a confrontation. I was hoping for a “JAVERT, AT LAST, WE SEE EACH OTHER PLAIN” moment — and yes, I know that song didn’t end in death, but you feel me.

– Arya, however, riding around town on a white horse is also fairly on the nose (was that the same horse she arrived on?). I would have loved if she just flitted around dropping from the sky and shanking people, but alas.

– At the same time I am sort of glad they didn’t give Jamie a redemptive arc, really. He meant what he said to Brienne: Cersei is terrible, and so is he, and he didn’t go back for any heroic reason at all. There’s something nice in how unpretty that is. Are there people who are into him and Cersei together? Because it seemed like a Real Choice to try and play their fate like a romantic tragedy.

— Shouldn’t Euron have realized Cersei’s baby wasn’t his, because Peter Dinklage knew about it and mentioned it, and that was only possible if it were Jamie’s? Why didn’t we get any real scenes about any of that? The show made a point of deciding it didn’t care about standard episode lengths, so how about locking in some real scenes with your major characters?

— Seriously, we got no Cersei and Dany?

– It is a very bold decision to incinerate a place you hope to rule, DANY. She could have gone right for Cersei, too, instead of roasting everyone. Also, as someone noted in the comments and which I meant to mention, why was it so easy to incinerate the ships now but not last week?

– I hope all we see of Bran after this is just him blinking. OR him looking super surprised and then saying, “NEVERMORE.”

– Can they just melt down the Iron Throne? Maybe NO ONE should have it. Jon as the big savior is boring to me, so unless Arya rides to the rescue then I might pass and just move to… is there an Easteros?