Obviously, do not continue if you plan to watch but have not…

For the rest of you, here are my Uninformed Thoughts, and please don’t confuse these with me actually reviewing the quality of the episode; it’s just what occurred to me as I watched:

– I am certainly not opposed to people Getting Theirs, but was I supposed to buy Ser Brienne (see, I learned) and Jamie and the banging, and then the angst and the tears? That’s an honest question. From the admittedly very little I’ve watched, that felt more like fan fiction to me. Did it to you longtimers?

— For some reason it irked me that they made Brienne a semi-embarrassed virgin. I don’t know her character backstory at all, but I wished she’d stood up and said either: a) “I am a virgin only because I haven’t met the person who could possibly satisfy me” OR b) “Hell no, I have ridden men and women all OVER this land.”

– I realized that I never know if I’m supposed to think Peter Dinklage is sincere.

– After my whole concern that no one cared about Jon and Dany being auntie/nephew, they seem to have addressed that in a conversation with Varys and Tyrion, but somehow that ALSO felt like… I don’t know, a network note, or something.

– I’m not a huge Dany fan, but when all those drunks were hailing Jon as being kingly because he was willing to ride a dragon into battle, it DID suck that he didn’t point out that Dany did it too. They’re even HER dragons, guys. She TAUGHT him to ride it. THIS is why I want a lady to end up on the Iron Throne. Shove it, drunk dudes.

– At this point, I kind of want Jamie and Cersei to kill each other. At the same time.

– Last week it didn’t feel like NEARLY enough people survived to build all those pyres AND stack up the bodies all nice and neat.

– Poor Gendry. Am I correct that he has known Arya for a long time, though? So wouldn’t he have cottoned onto the fact that she absolutely would not go for his proposal? Or do we think he asked knowing she’d say no, but just wanting it on the record?

– Does Arya still have a bag of faces? Wasn’t she being kind of creepy about that with Sansa at the end of last season? I guess they’re good now. But the faces presumably are starting to smell.

– It’s good to know that people in Winterfell and beyond are super bad at keeping secrets. That is probably the most realistic thing on the show, honestly.

– Why exactly did Jon make Raven Bron tell Sansa and Arya the truth about his own parentage? It’s YOUR story, Jon; for a One True King Yada Yada Yada, you’d think you could just say it yourself. Raven Bron doesn’t even seem to LIKE talking.

Okay, it’s super late where I am now, typing this, so it’s your turn now to give actual interesting insight. I always look forward to your thoughts and theories.