First, a confession: I don’t really like superhero movies. I mean, they’re fine. I loved the first Captain America; I like the better Batmans a lot.  But as a genre, they are not really my jam. (On the other hand, I love whatever mediocre costume drama you may have percolating. [And now that I think about it, the first Captain America totally IS technically a costume drama.]) That said: I LOVE WONDER WOMAN. I had a Wonder Woman swimsuit when I was a kid that I wore until it fell apart. Ditto Wonder Woman Underoos. (I also made my mother traipse all over town looking for Batgirl Underoos, because I liked her cape, and also her motorcycle was awesome.) There was a LOT of spinning around on the lawn, to see if maybe I was Wonder Woman. I was REALLY into Wonder Woman. And correctly: (a) Wonder Woman is awesome and very resourceful and generally saves the day. She doesn’t need the saving, she does the saving. (b) Her outfits are excellent. You guys, her bracelets have a purpose. Why do you think I’m always advocating for them? (c) An invisible airplane is just cool.

So! I could not be more delighted that apparently the new Wonder Woman movie is supposedly GREAT.  The reviews have been stellar, and apparently Gal Gadot here is fantastic (and also, you know, Chris Pine gets to be charming and handsome all over the place). I hope the movie makes a kajillion bucks. And I’m also delighted that she looks FAB in this Prada gown for the Mexican premiere. It’s got built-in jewelry, what’s not to love?

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