What is your game here, Kim? You’ve already essentially worn this outfit on Leno, and it looked bad then, too. So you decide to whip it out for a casual little dinner with Anna Wintour, to thank her — I guess — for sparking up a crapstorm of brimstone by putting Kim on the cover. Or maybe she’s just really FRIENDLY with Anna Wintour. Does this outfit scream either a) “Thank you so much for putting your professional faith in me and I hope our cover sells gajillions for you and then people forget that they thought it made you look stupid,” or b) “Hey, there, good friend, so nice to see you for a chatty meal”? No. It says neither of those things. This outfit is hoarse from having screamed all day, “LOOOOK AT MEEEEEE MEEEEE MEEE in the key of MEeEEEEE.”

[Photos: Splash News]