I admittedly haven’t seen too much of Amy Schumer’s comedy, so I can’t always decide how I feel about it. She’s very articulate, which I like, and seems personable in interviews, and her comedy can be insightful and observant and very witty (I deeply enjoyed that Aaron Sorkin parody with Josh Charles). But I thought the MTV Movie Awards that she hosted were a hot mess — a gig that has, in fairness, tarred many an otherwise skilled emcee — and it frustrated me to see her default to jokes about anal sex, or about blowing the crew (that bit about how she has no gag reflex and that’s how she convinced them to let her use a flight harness) in a way that only THINKS it is subversive but is actually just reductive. I’m sure that makes me a prude, but … so be it, I guess. A lot of her other stuff is worth watching; perhaps what I’m saying is that I am WILLING to go places with her but I just am not in tune with her GPS all the time yet.

I DO sort of wish I’d attended this styling excursion, though. Because if there’s one thing Amy Schumer isn’t, it’s bland, and you’d never know that from this picture.

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