News that T. Bone Burnett isn’t doing the music for Nashville next season has me HUGELY concerned, because the music was the thing that show did perfectly every single time, and everything else was an inconsistent mess. I am going to try and reserve judgment, but… Hayden had better have new reserves of acting thunder to bring, because otherwise, I have bad feeling about this.

And about this:

She’s at an Armani fashion show, so presumably Armani dressed her; I’m unclear why Armani would be making baggy blouses that look like a kindergarten art project interpretation of a tuxedo, much less why they’re doling those out to starlets, but if you ask me she should’ve just called in sick and fallen into a Mai Tai. Maybe I’ll do that right now, in sympathy. *cough* Ahem, Jess, I’m not feeling great.

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