Emmanuelle Chriqui is on the top of the list of Celebrities Whose Names I Can Not Spell, which also includes — as I’ve mentioned previously — Matthew McConahahahhaghahahaaaaaaayyyyy and Mia Wasikowska (and oh my God, I think I just finally mastered that one). She is also one of only two and a half people on my list called People I Can Tolerate On Entourage (Is That Show Even Still On?), the other person being Turtle (half the time) and Scott Caan, because Scott Caan is awesome.

And here she is:

Wikipedia tells me that she’s joined the cast of The Borgias — which I am totally all about, because it’s full of good-looking people in olden times having romantical problems and then KILLING EACH OTHER, which is basically my favorite plot — and I can see where, after spending all day swaning around in a corset, you would be all, “OH MY GOD JEANS THANK YOU YES.” But while I approve her desire to go casual, unless she’s also secretly filming Dazed and Confused II: Dazed Again, ain’t no excuse for moving from one period piece to the other.