I am only Cougar Towning Mistresses — that’s the phrase Heather and I use to describe the practice of only keeping up with a show via its first sixty seconds, caught by your DVR at the tail end of the show you’re actually watching in its entirety. We call it “Cougar Towning” because that was the only way we ever watched Cougar Town. And yet, this is the perfect way to watch Mistresses, because it’s basically just the “Previously On,” and that’s all the good stuff! Alyssa Milano is ALWAYS crying — I guess she’s pregnant and she doesn’t know if it’s her husband’s baby or her, er, Mister’s, and her Evil Husband is being Evil about it. I think she might also want to cry about this, because…look. I like Alyssa Milano.  But I am concerned that, between this jumpsuit, and this thing, her stylist may not.

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