First of all, the entire concept of the “Young Hollywood Awards” makes me giggle. Just because ALL OF LIFE is essentially an awards show for Young Hollywood, given that the members of said group are basically all young, rich, and hot. When will the Old Regular people be celebrated, I ask you?! All that being said, of course, Young Hollywood is The CW’s meat and potatoes, and I have always said that if The CW were ever to go out of business, I would be beyond distraught. So you HAVE these awards shows, CW. Have them in good health, and please live long and prosper.

And please send me an explanation for what is happening here:

Like, LITERALLY what is happening. Is that a….bandeau…over…a…..I can’t even finish that sentence. I feel like this bodice was mostly recently seen on the back pages of the Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit Sale Circular, and while the lovely Ms Deeley carries it off better than most, surely she deserves better. One’s top should not be a a geometry problem.

[Photo: Getty]