Kristen here is very high up on my list of celebs I’d be happy to find myself stuck in an elevator with — well, as happy as I could be, considering I was trapped in a death capsule, but you feel me. She’s very erudite and charming in all her interviews, so I imagine we’d talk clothes and TV for a while — she would agree with our stances on Dallas and Dynasty, naturally, and be equally confounded by the continued misuse of the word “stars” by every network  — and then get real dishy with some good Hollywood gossip. And somewhere in that conversation, probably after we had made plans for cocktails, I might suggest that Dax Shepherd help her road-test her outfits a bit more — like, say, this one that she recently wore on The Tonight Show. Somebody needed to tell her to practice sitting and chatting so they could spot-check the problem areas. But no one did, and thus, this slideshow. Come see.

Thoughts on the second dress?

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  • Hate the idea; think it's executed as well as it could be (26%, 916 Votes)
  • Love ALL of it. (10%, 342 Votes)

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