So, I must be honest: Olivia Munn has never done that much for me, in terms of her on-screen persona(e). But I have to give it to her: She’s not even close to the worst thing about The Newsroom — in fact, she is acquitting herself very well; the inconsistent writing isn’t her fault — and between getting cast in Aaron Sorkin’s return to TV and nabbing a role in Magic Mike, she’s got an excellent nose for putting herself in buzzy projects. There’s probably very little danger of anyone still griping, “Who is she and why is she getting invited to things?” Which is probably always a relief when half your job involves showing up on the red carpet. So bravo, Olivia, for moving the needle, as it were.

And she’s getting better at this red carpet thing. The makeup is fresh and clean, the ponytail is tidy, the dress is bright and adorable… destroy the shoes and replace them with something that looks less like an orthopedic pump, and the needle might even flick up to eleven. Who knew?

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