October 1st — how did that happen? Reflect on the fleeting nature of time and our very existence, or distract yourself with these:

– Apparently, Nicole Richie’s book is not that good. HOW CAN THIS BE? My copy is en route, so I’ll let you all know what I think as well. Eventually. Let’s not even discuss how Snooki has a book deal now. (Lainey Gossip)

– You’ve probably heard that Quentin Tarantino’s longtime go-to editor, Sally Menke, died tragically in L.A’s heatwave early this week. Movieline put together a nice compilation of seven iconic Menke/Tarantino clips, and we’ve enjoyed the circulation of the “Hi Sally” videos. When the actors botched their lines — or sometimes, just for fun, to keep Sally from getting lonely in her edit bay — they’d all stop and say, “Hi Sally,” during the take. Here are the montages of “Hi Sally” moments from Death Proof (Tarantino talks until 2:15, when the clips start) and and Inglourious Basterds, where my favorite moment is at 1:32. Overall, I got sort of choked up, honestly. (Movieline and YouTube)
– Speaking of Sallys, the actress who plays little Sally Draper on Mad Men is just the cutest. I think the best part of this interview is when they ask her how hot Jon Hamm actually is in real life (paraphrasing), and her reaction is like, “Dude! I’m TEN YEARS OLD.” (Vulture)

– J.K. Rowling teases us by not ruling out further Harry Potter installments. I’m not sure if I’m ecstatic at that, or terrified, because I’m so protective of the awesomeness of the first seven. (People) 
– I think it’s safe to say this Daily Telegraph writer is not impressed by this latest environmentalism video, which he refers to as “ebola”and “deliciously, unspeakably, magnificently bleeding awful.” What do you think? (Daily Telegraph)

– These early Josh Holloway modeling pictures will change your life. The early Jared Leto ones may ruin it. Let us not even speak of Zac Efron’s crimped bangs. E! News would call this “BEFORE THEY WERE FAMOUS.” I call it, “embarrassing yet hilarious modeling shots of now famous people. (The Internet Never Forgets)

– In honor of Banned Books Week, the folks at Forever Young Adult share the myriad, painful ways books have RUINED THEIR LIVES.  And it’s true: Reading Forever taught me never to date a man with a mustache, and maybe if I’d been able to shake that off, I’d be happy today. Alas. (Forever YA)

– Speaking of banned books, ever wonder what would happen if the kids at Hogwarts got on Facebook? The answer: AWESOMENESS. (Also, how f’ed up is it that people have tried to ban Harry freaking Potter? The whole series is about, like, the transformative power of love and family. Don’t get me started.) (Vulture)

Ever wondered how best to insult someone in Bulgarian? I CAN HELP. Also: the 8 other best insults from around the world. These things are good to know, you guys. You need to be prepared for these possibilities. (Cracked)

– That link may come in handy for Ryan Seacrest and J Lo, who — sources swear! — are allegedly already in a bitter, rage-y diva-off. Actually, I can totally believe that. (Celebitchy)

– OMG. We rarely mention stuff like this in Fugs and Pieces, but you guys need to know this: ASOS, the awesome British clothing store, has just opened a US e-commerce site. This is going to make spending my money so much easier. I can buy stuff from Whistles now, just like the perky heroines in charming British romcom novels! (Racked)

– Just please promise you won’t buy any of these: The Ugliest Fur Fashions EVER. You need to see the fanny pack. It will haunt you.  (Refinery29)