Happy weekend, friends! I bring you much to read.

First! We got a email from a Fug National this week about a fundraiser she is spearheading, and if you live in Los Angeles, it might be of interest to you. It sounds SUPER FUN and it’s a great idea and an excellent cause. I’m going to cut and paste the pertinent bits from her email:

On September 22nd, I’m producing a fundraiser for RAICES Texas (Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services) here in Los Angeles. We’re doing a live-read of the script of The Goonies at the Montalban Theater and I’ve lined up a pretty incredible cast. To date, we’ve got: Marc Evan Jackson as the Narrator, Brittany Snow as Andy, Eliza Coupe as Stef, Joe Lo Truglio as Francis Fratelli, Noel Wells as Mikey, Nicole Byer as Chunk, Gina Rodriguez as Mouth, Joel Kim Booster as Data, Haley Joel Osment as Sloth, Jessica Rothe as Irene Walsh, Frankie Quinones as Rosalita, Echo Kellum as Mr. Perkins, with a couple more to still be announced!

If we can sell at least 700 tickets, we can gift RAICES with at least 30k…ALL the proceeds from this are going to RAICES; no one involved, including me, is taking a cut.

You can buy tickets here! (Gina Rodriguez as Mouth is just…brilliant and a delight.)

What else is going on? If you want a tuxedo dress like the one Duchess Meghan recently wore to great acclaim, I rounded some up for you.

This is great, at Vulture: Why Burt Reynolds Was Such a Compelling Sex Symbol

At Lainey: Remember that dumb-ass announcement the Academy made a few weeks ago about how they’re going to have an Oscar for “most popular” movie? Now they’re like, “uh, never mind!!!!”

At The Paris Review, this is a VERY fascinating look at the Harvard Pigment Library, which is a real thing. To wit: “It’s a space where science and art converge. Each of the pigments, dyes, stones, minerals, and materials stored in these cabinets can be used as a reference tool to help restore and protect great works of art. In her book on the Harvard Fogg Museum, the research curator Francesca Brewer calls the museum a “laboratory for the fine arts.” With the help of these rainbow-bright samples, scientists are able to ward off color loss. They can restore faded pieces through identifying what chemical response caused the fading in the first place. They can also reconstruct stories of paintings and people through an examination of the minerals they used to create their colors and the binding materials they sourced from nature. The color library is a working laboratory, one that traces the history of color from ancient stones to twenty-first-century nanotubes.”

Also at Lainey, Beyonce’s birthday was this week and she certainly seemed to have a nice one. I wish I were on vacation in Sardinia too!

This was really good, at The Ringer: Judging by the Cover: How the Magazine Industry’s Identity Crisis Is Playing Out on Its Front Page

This is ALSO good, at Racked: Aging, but Make It Fashion

At Gizmodo, this is so interesting and so crazy: Insectarium CEO Says $50,000 Bug Heist Was an Inside Job. Ocean’s 9, HERE WE COME!


This is well worth your time, at the New York Times: Modeling in the #TimesUp Era. Spoiler: We haven’t fixed everything yet.

At Pajiba, this headline made me chuckle: Alexander Skarsgård Doesn’t Care if You Think He Dated Charlize Theron

I also laughed at this, at Munchies: Fish Shop Shut Down for Using Googly Eyes to Make Fish Look Fresher

At Celebitchy: The Rock wants to be on the ‘Great British Bake Off,’ he’s ‘fascinated’ with baking. ME TOO, DWAYNE. Also, please someone make this happen.