Well! Welcome to September, friends! A busy month for us all — Fashion Week, TIFF, the Emmys, back to school, we’ve got a book deadline, the US Open is happening, the Downton Abbey movie is opening, Harry and Meghan are going on tour, and a whole bunch of other stuff is happening that I can’t remember! Get some sleep, we will need all our energy.

At the New York Times: “For four years, the woman whose Stanford University sexual assault case caused a public outcry, has been known only as ‘Emily Doe.’ In her new memoir, “Know My Name,” which charts her life since then, she reveals her real name: Chanel Miller.”

This is a hell of a piece at Elle: Two sisters and the terrorist who came between them. 

I ALWAYS enjoy the Vanity Fair Best Dressed list!

Speaking of Best Dressed People, at People: Billy Porter on His ‘Transformative’ Red Carpet Looks: ‘My Goal Is to Be a Walking Piece of Political Art’

At The New Yorker: The Niche Celebrity Satire of “BH90210”

At Pajiba, a very excellent question: What the Hell is Going On With Jeremy Renner’s Career?

At LitHub: The Virtues of the Semicolon; or, Rebellious Punctuation

From the great Robin Givhan at the Washington Post: Fashion needs more powerful black voices — so Ethan Miller created a new way to help

At Celebitchy: Ellie Goulding posted more cool photos from her fancy-pants wedding. Oooh, I love fancy-pants wedding pics!

At UpRoxx: Mapping The Bizarre Dating History Of Alexis Rose On ‘Schitt’s Creek’ You say bizarre, I SAY….okay, bizarre is fair.

Really interesting, at Fashionista: DapperQ’s Pursuit is ungendering NYFW (and fashion) as we know it.  

At The Mary Sue, jeeeeeez: Scarlett Johansson Digs Herself Into an Even Deeper Hole With New Woody Allen Comments

At Lainey, have you heard about this situation where one of the screenwriters of Crazy Rich Asians quit the sequel because of pay disparity? Yeah, I don’t know WTF Warner Bros is thinking, but their offer to her was inexcusable.

At Vox: Was Etsy too good to be true? (Yes.)

This interview at The Cut with Renee Zellweger was a ride!