Happy Friday, friends, and I hope my fellow Americans have a restful and positive long weekend! Wherever you are, I hope it’s not too hot. (It’s definitely too hot here.) Speaking of heat, I rounded up a bunch of cute things for, uh, fall. Fingers crossed we get one.

There has been terrible and destructive flooding in Pakistan recently. Our friend, the author Amina Akhtar, rounded up a lot of ways to help.

And Jackson, Mississippi is apparently going to be without safe drinking water…indefinitely?!? The Cut has a piece on ways to help.

Are you a model between the ages of 19 and 24? Great news! Leo DiCaprio has an opening for a new girlfriend!!!!! He is getting DRAGGED for his inability to date a woman past the age of 25; even the LA Times was saucy about it. [Lainey]

FASCINATING: Real Money, Fake Musicians: Inside a Million-Dollar Instagram Verification Scheme [ProPublica]

This is an excellent piece; it is behind a subscriber-only paywall, but if you have a USA Today subscription, it’s very well-worth your time: Uncertainty for college women’s coaches, athletic departments after Roe v. Wade’s reversal. 

This is a hell of a read: The Humiliating History of the TSA. [The Verge]

The latest on the Shia/Olivia Wilde shitshow involves Shia going on Jon Bernthal’s podcast and I totally agree with Lainey that celebs should podcast less.

And THIS is the latest on the Olivia Wilde/Florence Pugh shitshow: Olivia Wilde & Florence ‘had several disagreements personally & professionally.’ APPARENTLY SO! [Celebitchy]

Wowsers! This is riveting: Investigators, Citing Looting, Have Seized 27 Antiquities From the Met. [NYT]

This should be fun to argue about: The 102 Best Movie Sequels of All Time [Vulture]

This feels like a lost episode of Parks and Rec: Iowa town asks: Where did we put our time capsule? (Good news! They found it eventually!) [AP, Sioux City Journal]

This was thoughtful: Sydney Sweeney Has No Good Options [Buzznet]

So well done, and funny: Getting Away From It All in Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse [Salon]

LOGISTICS! ‘Tell me what money we have’: Inside the preposterous task of writing original songs for TV. [LA Times]

This headline made me laugh: Old People Explainer: Who Is Addison Rae’s Mom? And What Is a Yung Gravy? Good questions! [Pajiba]

So interesting: How Chloe Dao Turned Houston Into Her Own Fashion Capital [Texas Monthly]

At Girls of a Certain Age: 12 brands that do extended sizes well.

T &C asks: Are Tickets to High-End Culinary Events the Latest Status Symbol of the Rich?

It’s a million degrees out, but still: do I need a Liberty print puffer jacket???? [J.Crew, that’s an affiliate link]

Finally, we had a fun chat about memorable vacations!

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