WHAT. A. WEEK. I don’t know about you, but I’m glad it’s over. While you’re waiting to leave the office:

I feel like I ALWAYS link to exposes about LuLaRoe and I don’t know why I find them so fascinating, but I do. I totally understand the appeal of these businesses for the women who eventually got swindled by them, and it is always SUPER SATISFYING when said women get fed up and decide to blow the whistle. For example: Buzzfeed reports that a class action lawsuit has been filed against the company, which seems to be sincerely THE WORST.

Lainey has an interesting take on Drew Barrymore’s new fashion line with Amazon.

I also enjoyed Lainey’s piece on Taylor Swift and Chinese astrology.

A good read, albeit an old one, at Vanity Fair: An Oral History of Laurel Canyon, the 60s and 70s Music Mecca. The subtext of all these remembrances is, “also, I was VERY stoned at the time.” This piece also made me think that Michelle Phillips should write a no-holds barred memoir, as all her interview bites have interesting details in them. To wit: “It was very lax at Cass’s house when she moved to Woodrow Wilson. Ashtrays were overflowing. She would let people write their phone numbers and messages on her walls with felt pens. She smoked a lot of pot. I wasn’t into food at that point in my life, but there were a lot of grown men there, so there must have been food. They probably called down to Greenblatt’s Deli and had 20 different platters of sandwiches brought up.”

Oooh, there is a rumor that David Beckham might be “getting too close” with — as Celebitchy puts it – “aristocratic party girl Lady Mary Charteris.” BECKS. KEEP IT TOGETHER.

Of great import, at Vulture: An Oral History of ‘David Pumpkins’

Related, AND AMAZING, at Atlas Obscura: 20 Years Later, Cornell’s Great Pumpkin Mystery Remains Unsolved. How had I never heard about this before?!

You’ll certainly be interested in this piece in Bust, about the history of red lipstick.

This photo-essay about Julia Child is awesome. What a dish she was! Pun, I guess, intended. [Bon Appetit]

At Pajiba: The Love-Hate Battle of Awards Season

Revelist tried Ashley Graham’s new lingerie line. What’s the verdict?

Smitten Kitchen has a new cookbook out this week! I use her first one ALL THE TIME.

Are you in the mood to drape yourself in velvet? We’ve got you covered.

I was surprised to find myself having sincere opinions about this question, posed at The Hairpin: How Much Should Something By The Register Be?

Ooooooh I kinda want this blazer.  But it’s for petites, and while I am fairly small at 5’4, my torso is that of a taller person (in other words, my legs are very short). So might I look weird in it? I HAVE PROBLEMS. [Refinery29]