Happy Friday! If you have a long weekend for Veteran’s Day ahead of you, I hope it is peaceful.

Hellllllo, Oprah’s FAVORITE THINGS are here!

And so is People’s Sexiest Man and FINALLY they got it right.

At the Washington Post: The 31 best dance scenes in movies. You could spend all day watching these, I nearly did. You could also spent all day debating this list, and that’s part of why it’s fun.

This is great, at The Millions: Bringing ‘All-of-a-Kind Family’ into the World. I LOVED that book series — and it sincerely taught me so much about Judaism as a kid. I’ve always loved learning about other people’s religious traditions, and I think some of that stems from those books.  (They also taught me a lot about snacks in early 20th century New York.)

Speaking of books, we were delighted to be included in this, at PopSugar: 105 Reader Favorites From the 2018 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge!

At Jezebel, this headline made me laugh: Rami Malek Got Big Fake Teeth for Bohemian Rhapsody, But They Could’ve Been Bigger

This was a great essay by Stacia Brown, at The Cut: What the Black Church Taught Me About Lipstick.

At Lainey: The latest on this very VERY long on-going Brangelina divorce.

Also at Lainey: Ariana Grande’s love of The First Wives Club is…well, it’s the best. I just want good things for that kid.

Great, at GrubStreet: Everyone Should Host a ’70s Dinner Party Exactly Once. To wit: “To unmold a salmon mousse from its fish-shaped tin requires 10 percent skill and 90 percent luck. You warm the copper fish tin with some hot water, jiggle the mousse around a bit, and gather your courage. You spent some time making this mousse, after all, and you want it to look good (as good as a fish-shaped mixture of smoked salmon, gelatin, and mayonnaise can look, anyway). So you set a plate on top of the mold’s open side, flip it over, and pray your mousse-fish comes out intact. Success! This was the little drama that took place in my kitchen over the weekend. My unmolding happiness was fleeting, because I knew I’d have to go through the whole process again when I freed my lime Jell-O salad. (The YouTube tutorials featuring nice midwestern women were a big help.)”

At Celebitchy: Chris Pine (my #2.5 White Chris) is talking about the size of his penis, but in like…a quippy charming way. You’re still a Top Chris, Chris Pine!

GQ has done some FANTASTIC celeb profiles over the last few years, and this one featuring Brian Tyree Henry definitely counts.

This is fascinating, ALSO at GQ: Inside the Campaign Merch Graveyard. I had somehow forgot that Jeb Bush (AKA Jeb!) tried to sell a $75 guacamole dish.

At Pajiba: Hey, Remember That Time Meghan Markle was in ‘Remember Me’ with Robert Pattinson? I DID NOT.

Over at The Mary Sue, this is kinda amazing: Oregon Elects an 18-Year-Old Mayor, Someone Call Ben Wyatt

At The Goods, a very pertinent question: Does stress eating actually make you less stressed?