We talked about this at length last week, and none of us thought we’d be blessed thusly! (Especially after last year’s shenanigans; this post makes me laugh now because I am so irked in it that Idris Elba hadn’t won. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO ME, PEOPLE.) Heather was sure this year’s honoree would be Bradley Cooper (I agreed with her); one of you floated the idea that 2018’s SMA might be Justin Timberlake, and that seemed depressingly plausible. But you sneaky kids over at People must have been reading everyone’s guesses and giggling. We underestimated you, friends, and I am pleased to congratulate the Hollywood weekly of record (as far as I am concerned, People is basically the New York Times of celebrity glossies) on getting it very, very right this time. I look forward to buying this issue when I run into the market for my weekly infusion of potato chips.

The interview ticks all the usual boxes — he’s hot, but also devoted to his fiancee and kids, and is currently spending a lot of time with The Rock — but let’s get real. What we’re all really here for is what this cover delivers: Idris Elba, cozy and smiling in a cardigan and jeans, like he’s about to hand you a glass of wine, tell you that he just ordered pizza, and ask you about your day. No one wears a sweater like Idris Elba does. Thanks for getting this one right, People. We needed it.

Also dreamy? He used his Twitter and Instagram posts about this to remind people to vote:

Just when I thought he could not get sexier.

While we’re on the subject, this seems like a good time to link to our IDRIS HOTNESS RETROSPECTIVE, which is a couple of years old and I might need to update it, which will surely be an agonizing trial for me that I’m not going to weirdly linger over or anything. And, of course, once again you might want to peruse our collection of every Sexiest Man Alive cover ever:

This is an EXCELLENT addition to that slideshow indeed.

[Cover: David Burton for People]