It’s time for the traditional Turkey On The Head pic, which is how you REALLY know it’s Thanksgiving here in America. Because this is the weekend that many celebrities disappear into their homes with their families to shovel carbs into their maws, so shall we do the same. We’ll be back with regular postings on Monday, December 2nd. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! And also HAPPY HANUKKAH! Until then:

Prince Harry has grown himself some facial hair and I have Feelings about it and those Feelings are that I like it. (Lainey)

– Speaking of Royals, the cover of Bloomberg Businessweek is hilarious. (It’s William and Kate photoshopped into J Crew, celebrating how excited the UK is to get J Crew. Which, say what you will, I feel you. I am seriously and deeply into J Crew. I walked into my local one once nd one of the salesdudes looked up and literally said to me, “oh, THERE you are. Where have you been?!” I might have a problem.) (HuffPo)

The Period Is Pissed. When did our plainest punctuation mark become so aggressive? asks The New Republic. You punctuation lovers will enjoy this; I enjoyed it in part because Heather once said to me, “I can tell you’re cranky because you’re using so many periods.” She was right. (The New Republic)

–Speaking of writerly tics, Slate looked at the most-used adjectives, adverbs, and sentence openers for The Hunger Games, Twilight, and the Harry Potter series. It’s extremely interesting, and quite telling. (Slate)

This Goldiebox v. The Beastie Boys thing is fascinating. As awesome a message as Goldiebox is putting out, dudes: Copyright. It’s a real thing. (Grantland)

– The New York expose on what went down with Nikki Finke and Deadline is one hell of a read. (Vulture)

Where’s the Ding Dang?: A Discussion of the Lack of Nudity Equality in Cinema. Because nothing says Thanksgiving like talking full-frontal. (Pajiba)

– This is funny: 17 Background Actors Who Have No Idea What They Are Doing, including our friend Jason’s very favorite extra, from Teen Wolf. (Buzzfeed)

The more Kanye goes off on people/things, the more I think — sincerely — that Kanye is much smarter than he ever gets credit for. He’s also, in many ways, nuttier than pecan pie, which I think makes people automatically disregard anything he says, but you can be a creative, thoughtful person who is also a crackpot and an egomaniac. I don’t know. The more Kanye refuses to shut up, the DOPER I THINK IT IS. (Celebitchy)