Happy weekend! Go have some fun!

In Thursday’s Drinks With Broads newsletter, I looked at the #1 bestseller for every week of the summer of the 1980s, and H tried to give A.I. our job, with mixed results. Plus: Tom Brady and Kim K?!?!?!?!!? In the free Tuesday newsletter, we brought you a dozen intriguing facts about the Cannes film festival, and the ultimate Eurovision playlist, plus some thoughts on this T. Swift/Matty Healy thing. You could be getting all this in your email if you subscribe! It’s fun!

GOOD FOR ARIANA. She’s composed and thoughtful in the freaking New York Times, and Tom Sandoval is….WHO CARES? [NYT, gifted link]

I love this piece at The Stripe, because Gwyneth’s character in The Talented Mr. Ripley is often my own summer style inspiration!

Speaking of summer, we rounded up Fun (and Maybe Unhinged) Items You Might Need — like pool floaties and margarita machines!

Super interesting, at Lainey: Jennie & V: A Big (Silent) Deal. I learned about this development literally from this post on Lainey.

I suspect this is relevant to your interests: Chloe Sevigny’s ‘Sale of the Century’ causes a frenzy. [WaPo, gifted link]

This somehow feels related, at Curbed: Century 21 Is Back.

Also really interesting and thoughtful at Lainey — and about much more than the headline indicates: Gabrielle Union: Miss Hyper-Independent.

Fascinating, at the LA Times: Ex-NFL player thought ‘Shark Tank’ would launch his barbecue empire. It became a nightmare, he says.

This is wild to me: Rachel Bilson Lost a Job for Talking Openly About Sex on a Podcast [Pajiba]

Yikes: “Chris Pratt ripped apart for shading his ex-wife Anna Faris with ‘ignorant’ post: ‘I’ve lost so much respect for you.’“I feel like Pratt is one of those celebs who just needs to hand over his social media to a professional. I don’t think this is a huge nightmare error on his part, or anything, but it’s kind of an own-goal. [Socialite life]

I’ve got notes on this season of Barry — namely that I am not really enjoying it and also it’s really not a comedy anymore — but this is IMPORTANT AND VITAL WORK: How ‘Barry’s NoHo Hank Became One of TV’s Greatest Fashion Icons. [Decider]

I KNOW you want to see RuPaul’s house in Architectural Digest!

GQ reports: “Why Every Fashion Kid Is Suddenly Collecting Old Books: Following a few cool moodboards on IG isn’t enough anymore. To achieve true aesthetic clout, you need to own physical copies of vintage fashion tomes, lookbooks, and magazines—and a new generation of book dealers is here help.” Ah, children. Welcome to being a hoarder! I say this as a person who just put 5 years worth of Tatler in storage. (I’m not throwing them out!)

Useful, at Vulture: 21 Movies We Can’t Wait to See This Summer

This is nuts. No one OWNS “Taco Tuesday.” Taco Tuesday belongs to the people! [QZ]

Finally, Heather and I are obviously not crime writers, but we were happy to donate a lot to the Sisters in Crime auction benefiting The Innocence Project. You can bid on a set of autographed copies of all four of our novels here, or on all kinds of other interesting and cool items here!