Happy weekend, everyone! I hope it’s a great one for you and yours.

This week at Drinks With Broads: We had a new Bridgerton recap! We discussed random shit I bought on the internet, the new dudes of The Bachelorette, and Rupert Murdoch’s wedding! (Also I snuck in the news that I myself got married last Friday, yay! Thank you for all the kind words!) Yesterday’s edition covered the upheaval at Chanel, a major auction at Sotheby’s, Traitors casting, and Alec Baldwin’s return to MILF Island.

We had A VERY FUN and also useful chat here full of travel recs.

I’ve been following all the D-Day anniversary events via the Associated Press live blog. It’s been quite affecting and very interesting. God bless those veterans who were able to make it back to France for the events.

Also a, er, notable anniversary: Happy 50th anniversary of the Cleveland baseball team’s chaotic ten cent beer night. This is a really good piece; “chaotic” maybe isn’t a strong enough word. [USA Today]

Amazing: At 45, He Vies With Women Half His Age, Seeking an Olympic First. [NYT, gifted link]


I was lightly horrifed by this piece on Apartment Therapy about how often people are washing their sheets.

It appears Ben Affleck and J Lo’s house is about to hit the market. I sort of hope they’re just messing with us and everything is fine! [Lainey]

I too hope this rumored couple is legit. It is so random. [Lainey]

Speaking of random, this headline is BONKERS: The Biggest Crabs In the World May Have Eaten Amelia Earhart. [Atlas Obscura]

At Messy Nessy Chic: The Secret Code of Beauty Spots

I needed this: 23 Pie Recipes That Don’t Involve Rolling Out Pie Dough. I fear dough. [Bon Appetit]

Wild, at Architectural Digest: The World’s Most Expensive Yachts—Including Some That Cost Billions

Love this new collab between USA swimming and J.Crew. [affiliate link]

Mark Harris is right here about Survivor: Firing Jeff Probst Isn’t Enough

At Bustle: 50 LGBTQ+ Books To Read Now & Always

TLo have a first look at the costumes for the upcoming season of Emily in Paris, which we’ll very likely be recapping at Drinks With Broads when it premieres mid-August.

This sounds so interesting: How Did Department Stores Rule the Fashion World? Spies, Of Course. [T&C]

I didn’t even know this was happening!! What’s the Beef Between Charli XCX and Lorde? [Pajiba]

Time for some fantasy vacation-planning: The best adults-only, all-inclusive resorts in Europe [CNT]

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