I knew we hosted this chat right at the beginning of spring, but as summer looms ever nearer, I suspect more folks now need more specific travel recs! And so, here we are. (Also, because I love to plan fictional AND real trips, I enjoy hosting this chat post almost more than any other.) As I basically said last time we did this, I suspect several of you are currently planning your summer vacation, or just some general trips, and might have questions that the commentariat can answer, like “what’s a delicious and easy place for dinner our first night in Rome?” or “can anyone recommend a great safari company?” or “are there any great roadship diners between Austin and Albuquerque?” or “which Grand Canyon lodge is the best?” or “what’s the easiest way for me to get to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with two toddlers and a sassy parrot?” or “can you recommend a great motel that’s not too expensive but IS charming near Dubuque?”

So get down there into the comments and ask for trip-planning help, or give some. OR BOTH! PS: Just a heads up that comments on this thread end up in moderation a lot, esp. if you include a link but I will always fish you out.

(Jim Heimann Collection/Getty Images)