This week was brutal. I know (from our conversation on Wednesday about how we cheer ourselves up) that many of you come to GFY to perk up, so I will try not to belabor it, but basically ugh. Enjoy Canada Day on Sunday, Canadians!

I am really upset about the shooting at the Capital Gazette yesterday. I suppose it feels close to home for me because I know and love so many journalists (and former journalists), but I just cannot manage to compartmentalize this one. And we shouldn’t have to compartmentalize any tragedy — they should be sufficiently rare that we mourn them all — but that’s not the world we currently live in. The Baltimore Sun ran really beautiful obituaries for the murdered, and I recommend them. They’re currently on their front page. Speaking of front pages, the Gazette itself put the paper out today, just the way they’re supposed to. They covered, as they put it, the massacre of their own newsroom. Support your local paper, guys.

At the New York Times, this is extremely well-worth your time: The Army Denied This Black Soldier a Commission in 1942. Now It’s Making Amends.

It’s nice when karma is efficient. At the Washington Post: A man put a camera in his shoe for some ‘upskirting’ shots. It exploded on his foot.

At Pajiba: Questionable Fashion: Thrift Store Adventures, Shark Hoodies, And Outrageous Prices (A True Story)

Here at GFY, we suggested a bunch of wacky pants, if you’re in the market.

Also: Hot World Cup coverage.

I giggled out loud at this headline at Lainey: Somebody stop Jared Leto

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Greta Gerwig is remaking Little Women and the rumored cast is: Saoirse as Jo, Timotheeeeeee as Laurie (I think Chalamet is a GREAT ACTOR but I’m not sure he’s sexy enough to be Laurie, but I might just be too old for him?), Emma Stone as Meg (interesting; I like it), and Streep as Marmee. I LOVE the book and I’ve learned something about myself: There are movies that I don’t ever want anyone to remake but I have a boundless well of interest in Little Women adaptations. I love the Winona Ryder one, but I also love Saoirse, so….

This is an interesting interview with Lindsay Lohan in the New York Times. A lot, as they say, to unpack.

Racked examines How David Beckham Became the Most Marketable Man in the World 

At Bitch, an interesting look at what they’re calling the uncertain future of Title IX.

A great essay from Roxane Gay at The Undefeated, ostensibly about body image, and working out, but really about so much more than that.

This is funny, at Slate: I Was So Positive Soccer Players Are Faking It When They Roll Around, Grabbing Their Shins, That I Let a Co-worker Kick Me In the Shin As Hard As She Could

At Celebitchy: The ‘Amy Adams 2020 Oscar campaign’ starts right now, start working on it.  Amen. Also, I know I spent some time earlier this week saying that I think Amy is miscast in Sharp Objects, and I do, but I think she’s PERFECT for the role they mention in this piece. That book will make an excellent movie.

At Net-a-Porter, Tessa Thompson talks very thoughtfully about Janelle Monae. It’s a good interview in general.

Sincerely interesting at Vogue: Bella Hadid’s Bodyguard on Dressing to Impress the Paparazzi