I’m pretty excited to see the HBO adaptation of Sharp Objects, which I read at the beginning of the year. It is a somewhat eff’ed up book — I think Gillian Flynn spent at least one summer reading a lot of VC Andrews, and that’s not a dig — and it could make an excellent mini-series, although I do think Amy Adams is a bit old for the leading role as it was in the book. She’ll be great — I’m still mad that she didn’t get an Oscar nomination for Arrival; that WHOLE MOVIE is just HER FACE and she’s AMAZING IN IT — but I’m not sure that her character will make as much sense as a 40 year-old woman as it would with a 26 year-old woman? (I was, in fact, so confused by this casting that I decided that I must be thinking of ANOTHER Gillian Flynn book and then I ended up falling into a wormhole that concluded with me learning that they already made a movie of said other Gillian Flynn book, starring Charlize Theron, who ALSO seems miscast but who I also like, so….shrug!) Having said all of this: We will see! I am optimistic regardless. And speaking of positivity,  ensemble-wise: She looks good. Thanks, Calvin Klein!

[Photo: Apega/WENN.com]