Welcome to the first Fugs & Pieces of a new year! I hope your 2022 has been treating you kindly thus far.

Do you need something cozy to wear? We rounded up some options!

Also: I wrote a MASSIVE post this week featuring Olympic figure-skating looks of yore and it is full of Wiki deep dives and scandale; check it out if that sounds like your thing. Literally one of the skaters featured was an East German spy. We’ve also got plane crashes, Russian defections, beehives (the hairdo), groin pulls, feathers, puffy paint, people getting dropped on their heads, weddings, divorces, and ruffles.

ALSO! Our annual Vogue Predict-the-Cover is BACK so get your votes in.

And don’t forget to catch up with our recaps of And Just Like That…

Sidney Poitier died, and there is a lovely piece about him at Vanity Fair. (I saw him once at the fancy grocery store, in the produce section. Or, more accurately, I heard him first — that voice is unmistakable. You’ve never seen a more elegant person buying oranges in your life.) The Hollywood Reporter has also been rounding up reactions and remembrances from celebrities. I love the Octavia Spencer one.

This is a very moving (and really interesting) piece at the Washington Post: The Power of Reclaiming My Asian Name

I loved loved loved this piece, which is about more than outfits (but also about outfits): Bookcore: How Everyone Is Dressing Like a Bookstore Regular [Die, Workwear!]

Interesting, and also disturbing: From the Capitol to the city council: How extremism in the U.S. shifted after Jan. 6 [NBC News]

Related, this is fascinating but — as a warning — might also give you extreme anxiety: ‘I texted my editor: Guns drawn.’ Times reporters discuss their experiences inside the Capitol on Jan. 6. Whoo boy, it has been….quite a few years. [NYT]

Insert the MASSIVE TONAL SHIFT KLAXON here: You Have No Idea How Hard It Is to Get a Hamster Drunk [The Atlantic]

I am here for THIS: That Vintage Dress on the Red Carpet? There’s More to the Story. MORE VINTAGE ON THE RED CARPET! (And in our lives. I miss rifling through my local vintage store’s random amalgamation of housedresses, too.) [NYT]

I am also here for A Celebrity Couple-Off and Gossip Nostalgia! To (mis)quote my beloved Daniel Vosovic: It’s a motherf’ing couple off! [Lainey]

Related, and this is a fun read: We could be witnessing the making of new gossip megastar in Julia Fox who has been seen with Kanye West [Lainey]

OMG, they finally caught this guy! F.B.I. Arrests Man Accused of Stealing Unpublished Book Manuscripts [NYT]

This is so interesting: Meet the Woman Preserving 125 Years of Black History in Baltimore [Atlas Obscura]

Ooh, shiny: Lucille Ball’s Unique Engagement Ring [The Adventurine]

This is a fascinating story in Vanity Fair: What Lies Beneath: “In 1708, the Spanish galleon San José sank in a deadly battle against English warships, taking with it billions in treasure. Centuries passed until a secretive archaeologist found the wreck, but now nations are again warring over who may claim the gold and glory.”

Amy Odell’s take on Jeff Bezos’s fashion evolution is so good. [Back Row]

Seriously, this ad is TERRIBLE:  Matt Damon’s cringeworthy crypto ad gets shredded on Twitter. Someone pointed out that those ads have real MLM energy and they do seem to have the same vibe as Matt Damon popping into your DMs to ask if you want to be a boss babe.

This is interesting! Now I want to watch it: What’s Going on with ‘The King’s Daughter,’ the Movie That’s Gone Unreleased For 7 Years? [Pajiba]

This was a FIASCO, he is the worst: Novak Djokovic’s Australian visa was cancelled, he will likely be deported [Celebitchy]

The Cuts asks….What’s Going On With the 2022 Golden Globes? (They’re just, like, tweeting it out! No, for real.)

I don’t know why this is so funny….but it is: The Infamous Hotel Balcony in Brazil [ibeendrakein]

Finally, this might pep you up: 192 ways the world got better in 2021. [Reasons to be Cheerful]