Hello, friends! We’ve made it to the end of another week and I don’t know about yours, but this week was a bitch for me. Nothing serious or noteworthy even happened, but the end of January is sort of…ergh, is the best way to put it? ANYWAY it is now the weekend and I hope you have a good one. As a reminder! The Grammys are Sunday — we revisited the 2004 red carpet here — and we’ll have full red carpet coverage here at GFY on Monday, and we’d love you to join us for Sunday’s red carpet and ceremony open thread at Drinks With Broads!

Also at DWB this week: Today was our first (mega!) recap of FEUD: CAPOTE VS. THE SWANS, which I really enjoyed writing and would love for you to check out! If you were wondering who’s who, I also wrote a long explainer in a newsletter where we also complained about Justin Timberlake and the weird set-up at the Australian Open. Also this week: Traitors had another banger episode. And paid subscribers got a quick round-up of the newest developments in figure-skating, and on Vanderpump Rules, and discussed how we think Edward Enninful is going to go out at British Vogue.

Related, I ABSOLUTELY want this jacket at J.Crew because of Feud. In fact, I regret to note that almost all of J.Crew’s new arrivals are things I want. Fun fact: J.Crew was by far our best-selling brand on shopping posts here last year. (I am currently revamping my own wardrobe and about to donate/recycle/Thred-Up like…everything.) [affiliate link]

Carl Weathers died, and I am sad. My irrational reaction to this was, “but I just saw him last night!” This was on a commercial. But still. This is a huge bummer. [Variety]

For my fellow Drive to Survive fans: Lewis Hamilton has left Mercedes and gone to Ferrari…well, eventually. This is gonna be a huge plot point in…the season after next. Do we think this is because Hamilton is entering the twilight of his career, or something else? Someone get Toto Wolff on camera!!! [Lainey]

This is SO interesting: A Sapphic Sartorial Study of Lady Troubridge. [Messy Nessy Chic]

I find this mildly hilarious. Per Socialite Life: Julia Fox to Host Design Competition Series OMG Fashun for E! With Law Roach as Co-Host. Strike while the iron is hot! Apparently “every episode of OMG Fashun will feature three fashion ‘disrupters’ tasked with creating an innovative and stunning look using materials and techniques that would make ‘fashion’s so-called gatekeepers squirm.’ They will be judged by Fox, Roach, and a guest judge, and the winner will receive a $10,000 cash prize and the privilege of having their design modeled by Fox herself.” Good for her for selling this — she’s a producer.

This is a wild story: Inside the Censorship Scandal That Rocked Sci-Fi and Fantasy’s Biggest Awards. [Esquire]

Super interesting at My Modern Met: X-Ray Scans Reveal Hidden Portrait of the Young Charles II Behind the Older King. (Hapsburg King of Spain Charles II, we’re talking.)

I loved this! At the Washington Post: They’ve lived 100 years. Here’s their advice about everything. [gifted link]

This is such an interesting piece, and I recently saw a promo for these films that looked VERY good: Hallmark recasts ‘Sense and Sensibility’ and debuts other Austen-inspired films. [NPR]

Perhaps related, Vulture asks Which Cozy Show Is Right for You?

At People: Lenny Kravitz Breaks Down His Iconic Looks: From Accidental Dreadlocks to His ‘Big Scarf Moment’

As Lainey puts it: Justin Timberlake in his Villain Era. WHAT is he DOING? JUST SHUT UP DUDE. (I do not think he is embracing being the villian. I think he’s an egomaniac who cannot stand being disliked and is currently feeling very very defensive. But no one asked for this AT HIS OWN CONCERT. Those people already are on your team! Sing “Cry Me a River” — objectively a banger! — and be a professional!)

Big news: Construction underway at Dolly Parton’s pirate-themed restaurant. [NYDN]

A too-large percentage of people have BRAIN HOLES: Swifties on Political Conspiracy Theories: You Need to Calm Down. AS IF Democrats had the organizing skill to FIX THE SUPER BOWL, my god. (I feel like all the people who buy into these very complex conspiracy theories have never had to do a group project.) [NYT, gifted link]

While we’re kinda talking about football, The Ringer reports, in a very interesting piece, Tom Brady Is the Ultimate Test Case for Fame in the Broadcast Booth.

Grace Atwood had a very interesting newsletter this past week called Little Life Improvers, and one of the tips IS, I think, going to improve my life. She wrote, “Fridays are for Amazon orders. I only allow myself to make one order per week on Amazon (unless there is some sort of emergency thing). This REALLY helps me curb impulsive spending. It also makes me aware of things like how many books I order (vs. how many I can actually read!). I add things throughout the week and then when I go to make my order I tend to cut out a bunch. It’s very easy to move things to your wish list!” I am ABSOLUTELY going to start doing this. (I will note that my Amazon orders have gone way down over the last few years but I am an impulse buyer in general and this will help.) Check out the rest of it!

Bon Appetit wonders, Have High Prices Killed the Joy of Trying New Restaurants? I think yes, to an extent. And while I’m ranting, I also miss the days where you could just show up somewhere and get a seat after ten minutes at most places. Obviously, I still have go-tos where I don’t need a reservation but back in MY DAY you only really needed a res for the most fancy of joints. Anyway, this is a thoughtful and interesting piece.

Also: we’re nearly at Valentine’s Day, and as is tradition, I rounded up so many cute red, pink, and heart-covered things!

We had some great chats on the site here this week, talking about the TV shows (mostly) that you’re revisiting, and all the dreams you’ve had starring a celebrity, inspired because I dreamt Emma Stone was a terrible driver. I’m sure you’re a good driver, Emma!

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