This post is inspired by the fact that my fiancé and I are currently rewatching all of Parks and Recreation — well, he’s watching it for the first time, and I am rewatching it. It is a DELIGHTFUL rewatch, although I had forgotten that Louis C.K shows up for half a season as Leslie’s boyfriend. (It’s okay, Rob Lowe and Adam Scott just arrived.) It’s so light and funny and smart, and it’s been a pleasure to be reunited with the version of Chris Pratt that I really just loved. A friend of mine has just rewatched all of The OC, and another friend is rewatching Grey’s Anatomy. There is something cozy and familiar in a rewatch, but it’s often also illuminating to see earlier episodes in hindsight. (Parks and Rec is much more tightly plotted than I remembered.) So I got curious: What are you revisiting? A TV show? A podcast? A series of books? A recipe you used to watch all the time? Lay it on us.