THE OSCARS ARE SUNDAY. Just in case you forgot. We’ll be live-tweeting the red carpet, both on our Twitter (we’re at FugGirls) and for the Today show’s style department, at TodayStyle! Follow either — or both — and chat it up with us. (And we’ll obviously have full Oscars coverage on Monday, as usual, here at GFY.)

Until then:

– Hey, Southern California! Heather and I are happy to be included on a panel discussing “making art in the current political climate” at The Ripped Bodice in Culver City on March 23th at 7pm. Come by and see us, Akela Cooper, Sarah MacLean, Beth Scorzato, Alisha Rai, Sarah Kuhn, and Lindsay Ellis at the cutest bookstore in town. Tickets are FREE and you can RSVP here (so they have enough booze). We’d love to see you there!

– This is interesting, and I think you’ll want to read about it: Lady Jane Franklin, the Woman Who Fueled 19th-Century Polar Exploration. [Atlas Obscura]

– This is beautifully written, and very moving, at Elle: The Interminable Weeks Between a Bad Sonogram and the End of a Pregnancy

– Fascinating, at Smithsonian: Perfectly Preserved Shipwreck Found in Lake Superior

– This essay has been making the rounds, so you may have read it already, but if you haven’t, I recommend it: Reflecting on one very, very strange year at Uber

– This was SO SO JUICY and fascinating, at Vulture: Why Was Times Theater Critic Charles Isherwood Fired?

– You guys, Nick Cannon named his new baby Golden. The kid is named Golden Cannon. My own personal rule of thumb is that if your last name is a noun, your first name should not be an adjective. [Lainey]

– This is so good, and so so logistically fascinating, at Fashionista: How Celebrity Stylist Ilaria Urbinati Found Her Niche With Menswear

– At the New York Times: A New Crisis Hits Ukraine: Turmoil at the Eurovision Song Contest. WHY CAN’T WE HAVE NICE THINGS?

– Oooh, the new Twin Peaks posters are here. (One is above, you can see the other at Nylon. It is NOT Bob.)

– At Revelist, 100 thoughts I had while waiting 11 hours to get into The Kylie Shop. Yes, one of them was (essentially) WHY. Having said that, I would go to a Kylie Minogue shop.

– Ugh, Tom and Gisele are the co-chairs of the Met Gala this year. The theme is, and I quote, “the work of Japanese fashion designer Rei Kawakubo, known for her avant-garde designs and ability to challenge conventional notions of beauty, good taste, and fashionability.” The coverage at Lainey gets into this in depth, but: COME ON.   [Lainey]

– The LA Times asks: Can you guess the dress? (It’s Oscars frocks. I got a perfect score but I SHOULD HOPE I DID.)

– Related, at Vanity Fair: 2017 Oscar Nominees at Their First Academy Awards

– And this is really neat: The New York Public Library plays Oscars stylist!

– We picked some of our fave Oscars looks from the last 20 years for Today.

– Also related, The Hollywood Reporter is doing their usual Brutally Honest Oscar Ballot interviews, which I always enjoy. Here’s the first one (she hates everyone).

– I enjoyed this at Man Repeller:  Are You Passive, Aggressive, Passive-Aggressive or Honest?

– This is fun, at Vulture: 15 Stars Reminisce About the Actors Who Used to Beat Them Out for Roles. Margo Martindale was up for CJ Cregg on The West Wing! I LOVE La Janney in that part, obviously, but I would have loved to see Martindale play it, just once, in an alternate universe.

– Also, I love the folks at Lainey for worrying that Mae Whitman’s new pilot is going to get in the way of The Royal We movie. (I don’t have any news about that at the moment — but I mostly just love that they even thought of that. Heart eyes emoji.)

–I KNEW Cheryl Cole and Liam Whatshisname (sorry, I’m old) were having a baby! [Idolator]

– At Celebitchy, can I interest you in some more Hiddleston?

– Via Pajiba, this is VERY useful: 24 Nominated Movies You Can Catch Up With Online Before the Oscars. Better get started!

– At Refinery29, I love these kinds of articles: I Tried Every Beauty Products The Bachelor Contestants Are Hawking.

– You’ll enjoy Town & Country’s piece on the real life feud between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis.

– At The New Potato, LIPSTICKS!

– FYI, The Royal We is now available in German, if that’s your preferred language!

– And, finally, this is a treasure. Patrick Stewart reads one-star reviews of famous monuments: