Yes, you’ve got a TON of errands to run before you take some time off/host a lot of people/travel for the holidays/hole up in your house and binge-watch the new season of You/rage for the end of a decade. But read something first!

We had a great chat this week about the charitable organizations you’re supporting this year!

THANK GOD, the Hater’s Guide to the Williams Sonoma Catalog is ALIVE AND WELL. [Vice]

Amazing, at The Atlantic: The Rise and Fall of an All-Star Crew of Jewel Thieves. “They were highly sophisticated. The local police seemed helpless. Then a retired septuagenarian detective stepped in.”

This was VERY amusing at Vulture: The Plot of Cats: A Lesson in Garbage and Craft

Lainey weighs in on Emma Watson skipping almost all of the Little Women events.

AND on The Adam Driver Thing.

This is enraging, at Vanity Fair: Little Women Has a Little Man Problem. To wit: “Many male awards-season voters are skipping Greta Gerwig’s adaptation, apparently because they think it’s not for guys. Says one cast member, “I just can’t believe we’re still having this f–king discussion.”” ME EITHER.

But this, at the LA Times, is delightful: I survived a ‘Christmas Carol’ marathon: Seeing seven Scrooges in a row

Everyone (well, random online publications) is flailing around about this and honestly I wish these two WOULD get back together, just for the GOSSIP EXPLOSION we’d all get. It’d be a fun distraction: Brad Pitt attended Jennifer Aniston’s annual Christmas tree trimming party [Celebitchy]

Relevant to my personal interests, at Refinery29: We Ranked The Grey’s Anatomy Christmas Episodes

This is good, at WaPo: The demise of formal nights on cruises: How dress codes are tearing passengers apart. (I mean, my personal motto is that a cruise is the perfect place to commit murder and you should never go on one unless that is your goal, anyway.)

FESTIVE, at Atlas Obscura: Every Year, Dresden Kickstarts the Christmas Season With a Four-Ton Cake

At The Mary Sue: I really need JK Rowling to just not talk anymore.