As we head into the holiday season, it seems timely and appropriate to open up the floor to discuss the charitable organizations close to your heart  — or even ones you work with; this post was inspired when Fug National Vicky wrote to us recently about the non-profit she started, Girls Club, an organization that, as she said, “provides a safe, inclusive and fun community for girls with neurological and developmental conditions.” That is a good cause! And I know so many of you work in the non-profit space, or even just have causes that are near and dear to your heart that you might want to shout out this holiday season, from a fundraiser for a rare disease to a tiny museum that needs a little boost. Please share with us where you’re directing the love this year!

PS: As a note, if you’re including a link in your comment — and please do! — it will be held in moderation (we had some issues earlier this year with people linking to some really BONKERS stuff on old posts blah blah blah), so please be patient! I will rescue you!