Happy first day of December — I hope you had a great Thanksgiving last week, or, if you don’t celebrate, a fun and restful weekend regardless.

The annual GFY gift guide has ARRIVED! I meant to do our annual Unhinged Holiday Stuff round-ups before now and just…did not, because The Gilded Age ate up more of my time than I’d hoped. But we have some fun holiday stuff in the queue regardless, and had a very fun chat about favorite holiday traditions.

Speaking of The Gilded Age, our newest recap is here.

Also at Drinks With Broads this week, We Drop in at Saltburn, Catch Up with Traylor, And a New Rich Guy Divorce Enters the Chat AND Enter Through the Glass Shop! Plus Hannah Waddingham, and a cruise without a ship.

An excellent read the NYT [gifted link]: Maria Callas Was Opera’s Defining Diva. She Still Is.

Is Nene coming back to Real Housewives of Atlanta? I think they need her. Well. They need Classic Nene, a reality icon for a reason. NOT later seasons Nene, where she clearly did not care and also didn’t want to be there. [Lainey]

Good for him! Travis Kelce’s Thanksgiving was catered by KFC, he got 56 chicken pieces & 80 hot wings.  AS ONE DOES. [Celebitchy]

Lainey Gossip reports: Amy and T.J. try to make a comeback.

Speaking of, at The New Yorker: “The idea of the celebrity couple was born in 1963, with Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, whose excessive fervency paved the way for Posh Spice and David Beckham, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. Andrew O’Hagan considers our extra-human obsession with famous romantic pairings, which parry the joys of domestic life with the task of world domination.”

On the other side of the dining coin, at Eater: “Confessions of a Tableside Flambéur: A former fine dining server dishes on how the flambé, a dying convention of French haute cuisine, became the ultimate tableside flex.”

And Bon Appetit wonders, “When Did We Fall Out of Love With Chipotle?” I assume it was after the multiple e-coli breakouts? That’s what got me. (I LOVED Chipotle. Ironically, it seems that the food safety measures put in place to deal with that caused other downturns in quality, which I’ve also noticed every time I’ve gone back.)

At Town & Country: The Hot New Heist: Would You Believe It’s Stealing Wine? I love heist stories!

Fascinating: “Plaza Regret: The prevailing wisdom is that you pretty much can’t make a bad real-estate investment in Manhattan. Plaza buyers might disagree.” I remember when these were for sale! [Curbed]

Amazing, at USA Today: Hungry for victory? Pop-Tarts Bowl will feature first edible mascot. 

Cool, at Smithsonian: See the Rediscovered Still Life by Forgotten 17th-Century Master Clara Peeters

At Pajiba: Disney Still Doesn’t Understand Why ‘The Marvel’s Failed

Vanity Fair’s list of 2023’s best movies is out.

At Slate: “Confused Why Your Spotify Wrapped Sound Town Is Burlington, Vermont? So Are the People of Burlington.”

Via Socialite Life: Linda Evangelista is not interested in dating, doesn’t ‘want to hear somebody breathing’ in her bed.

Finally, if you haven’t read The Heir Affair, it’s currently under $2 on Kindle!

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