LA LA LA I’m hosting Christmas Eve at my house and we also have a giant book deadline, the end of this year is gonna be INSANE!!!!!! [Picture me screaming this, then running out of the room with my hair on fire.]

Anyway, read some stuff:

I send sympathy to our British readers who are unhappy about the results of yesterday’s general election. I truly feel your pain. (For our American readers, given that we have an important election of our own coming up, this seems like a good time to plug Fair Fight 2020, which is Stacey Abram’s organization working to combat voter suppression and ensure free and fair elections here in the United States.)

This was a MASSIVE undertaking at Vulture: Every Movie of the 2010s, Ranked. That’s 5279 movies!!

Hell yes, at Elle: Little Women Is A Big, Important American Masterpiece. Let’s Treat It Like One

This was an interesting piece about ballerina Kathryn Morgan (no relation!) at Marie Claire.

At NY Mag: The 10 Biggest Sports Stories of the Decade — both arguable, and fun. (I don’t know if that Villanova shot really counts — and Will Leitch admits this — but OMG that was a great basketball game and I find myself reacting audibly to that shot every time I see it.)

At Lainey, I’m happy to see Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are doing well but I basically really want THAT COAT.

This is very interesting, at Atlas Obscura: Every December, Japan Is Awash in Elegant Christmas Cakes

At the NYT: Women Made Them. Viewers and Critics Liked Them. No One Nominated Them.

Also that NYT, this is fascinating: Terry de Havilland, Cobbler to the Stars, Is Dead at 81. To wit: “He often didn’t know who was in his shop. “I was usually doing drugs out back,” he once said. He was also pouring milk into shoe samples to feed stray cats.”

I just learned at Celebitchy that Gwen Stefani is trying to get her marriage to Gavin annulled? They have three kids! (I mean, I know this never stopped people from trying. Look at Henry VIII!)

Very thought-provoking, at Vanity Fair: The Decade That TV Women Flipped Their Id

How did I not know they’re making a movie of In The Heights? (Although I have not seen the musical.) Socialite Life has the trailer.

This is VERY interesting, at Eater: The Complicated, Problematic Influence of TripAdvisor Restaurant Reviews

And, finally, I think we’re all going to want to watch this: