Happy weekend, all! Monday is the Met Gala, so REST UP! We’re gonna have a lot to do next week.

Do you need a beach tote? I rounded some up for you.

OBVIOUSLY we have to talk about how Olivia Wilde got served — like literally, with legal papers — at CinemaCon this week. [Lainey]

This feels made for us: Reconsidering the Spice Girls: How Manufactured Girl Power Became Real [NYT]

The Harry Styles profile at Better Homes & Gardens is REALLY good, and I’m also really happy to see BH&G get such a biggie! I love BH&G!

This is fascinating! The Making of Viola Davis’s Matturi Earrings [The Adventurine]

Ugh, I wish I’d gone to this! (I was not anywhere near it!) I Bought 6 Things at Martha Stewart’s Tag Sale [Curbed]

SUPER interesting: How The Northman’s Costume Designer Brought the Viking World to Bold, Breathtaking Life [Vogue]

Very relevant to my interests, and related: The Body – Physical and Cinematic – of Alexander Skarsgard [Pajiba]

I clicked on this SO FAST: A crystal-clear issue: The White House is in desperate need of new glassware [CNN]

WHO ASKED FOR THIS? Kate Hudson is ‘finally’ putting out an album where she sings. (I mean, Kate Hudson is loaded, she can do whatever she wants, godspeed Kate Hudson, I actually kind of even like Kate Hudson! I just miss Rom-Com Kate Hudson!) [Celebitchy]

I absolutely got up and tried to do this after reading this article: Why Can’t Everyone Do the ‘Asian Squat’? (I can do it but I REALLY feel it in the front of my legs and I don’t think I can hold it very long; the “American squat” as explained in the piece feels much better for me.) [The Atlantic]

I did not expect this AND her photo announcing it feels very “Take My Breath Away:” Lady Gaga announces new original song for Top Gun: Maverick, ‘Hold My Hand’  [Socialite Life]

This story is VERY ROMANTIC: Jane Seymour recalls her and Christopher Reeve falling ‘madly in love’ making Somewhere in Time [EW]

This is so interesting! How two friends brought back Ebon, one of the first Black superheroes in a comic book [LAT]

Wait, what’s happening with Shailene and Aaron Rodgers?? [Lainey]

I probably should not have laughed at this: Wild Turkey Attacks People on DC Trail. (Everyone is fine! Watch out for wild turkeys out there, friends.) [NBC]