Angie took a break from helping Brad Pitt through awards season — I’m sort of bummed he’s not going to win for Moneyball, as he was excellent in it; I’m afraid he’ll end up winning one later as an apology, for a role that wasn’t as good, the way the Oscars like to do it, and then someone MORE deserving of THAT one will get frozen out, and the vicious cycle will continue — to promote In The Land of Blood and Honey and some other random thingamy. Don’t you love how thorough I am? But seriously, the event rarely matters. It’s Angelina, and so it’s noteworthy, even if she’s all dressed up to go buy a tiramisu.

How'd she do?

  • So well! (34%, 2,858 Votes)
  • So okay! (25%, 2,087 Votes)
  • So Raven! Whatever that means. (8%, 697 Votes)
  • So blech! (13%, 1,070 Votes)
  • Okay, we JUST need to get a little creative with the hair and makeup... (20%, 1,646 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,362

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