Happy Fashion Week! In addition to the pieces we’re filing for our friends at The Cut, please read:

– You are going to love this piece about a girl in Florida who is her high school football team’s backup QB, because it is awesome. “…she is one of the guys, and they are protective of her. Last month, [she] and several teammates traveled to a rival high school to watch a scrimmage. Some students from the other high school approached the players. ‘They were kind of making comments about how they heard we had a girl quarterback,’ said wide receiver Hordly Seide, who has a scholarship offer from Memphis. “We were just like, “Yeah, she’s standing right here.”‘ ” Heh. I love you, Hordly. (New York Times)

Russell Brand and Ginger Spice are cooling off? Noooo, I was sort of into that whole concept. (Lainey)

– Glossed Over live-blogged her experience reading the ginormo September Vogue from cover to cover. It only took nine hours. (Glossed Over)

– Designers shared their inspirations for this upcoming fashion week, in this piece The Cut does that I always find equal parts fascinating and hilarious. Anna Sui says her inspiration is “Castaing,” and I don’t know if she means the French art dealer and patron or the 19th century French physicist who was the first person to use opium. (The Cut)

– Let’s eavesdrop as the AV Club talks about my favorite episode of Friends, and how much it rocks. (AV Club)

– Wanna buy James Bond’s Aston Martin? It, uh, needs a little work. (Time)

– Channing Tatum looked JUST THE SAME in high school. (Vulture)

– Let’s talk about the best makeovers in literature. (Flavorwire)

Seems like the new T. Swift song IS about Jake G. I would be sort of apprehensive to date her at this point. On the other hand, all her Pissed Off Break Up Songs are INSANELY CATCHY, so maybe dating her so she gets new material is just a gift to the universe. (Celebitchy)

– The 1979 Victoria’s Secret catalog is AMAZ. (Daily Mail)

– You know how Bic introduced a pen “for ladies” and “ladies” rightly pointed out that this was RIDICULOUS BECAUSE IT IS A PEN? You need to read Linda Holmes’s reaction to this. Because it is hilarious. (Monkey See)