Can I interest you in some procrastination material?

- Did you know that there’s a GFY Book Club on Goodreads? There is, and it is awesome, and you should join. The October book is Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life, and discussion begins October 1st.

- Vulture has made you a Scandal monologue generator, and it is awesome.

- Can I interest you in something called The Secret Histories Of 5 Famous Hollywood Costumes? I thought so. (Fast Company)

- This also seems like it might fall into your areas of interest: The Reclusive, Doll-Collecting Copper Queen of Fifth Avenue (Collectors Weekly)

- Ditto: How to Make the Perfect Gin & Tonic. NO JUDGEMENT. (The Telegraph)

- This is a fascinating piece about Secret Oxford Drinking Clubs (speaking of) in Tatler.

- You guys! Per Boston Magazine: There’s a Time Capsule Inside the Head of the Lion from the Old State House. It’s over 100 years old! I LOVE TIME CAPSULES! Especially SECRET ONES!

- Rookie takes a very groovy look at Mary Quant.

- Adam Sandler is adapting Real Genius. As a TV show. (Pajiba)

– Flavorwire swears they’ve made a list of the 50 Worst Movies Ever Made.

– Linda Holmes wrote this great piece for NPR about YA fiction and the Shangri-Las.

- Lena Dunham has released a bunch of advice videos to promote her new book, and they are quite charming. In one, she reveals that she’s bought “a see-through rain dress,” so I look forward to THAT, obviously. (Who What Wear)

- THIS IS EXCITING! They are re-releasing all of the Anastasia Krupnik books! The Cut talks to Lois Lowry about this very thrilling news. (Contrary to their headline, though, we never forgot about Anastasia. She’s the whole reason Teddy McCormack [the love interest in Spoiled] has a tower bedroom)


- I don’t want to alarm you, but apparently Lindsay Lohan is terrible in Speed the Plow. I know some of you went to see it this week! WEIGH IN. (Lainey)

- Also on the Lilo front, Grantland has round up her reviews.

- The Washington Post thinks Ariana Grande is about to have big, big image problems.

- Sometimes Blake Lively says things that make me laugh: “Blake Lively thinks she ‘looks like a potato’ when she dresses like Kate Moss.” (Celebitchy)