A reminder that the Emmys are SUNDAY — I know, it snuck up on us too — and we’ll be live-blogging the Red Carpet for Vulture, as usual. (Then, of course, covering the looks in depth right here at GFY.) I’ll toss up a link to our live-blog once it’s underway, and make sure to follow us on Twitter at @fuggirls for additional snarky Emmys goodness. Hope to see you there!

Your Daily Cumberbatch. (Celebitchy)

Your Daily Hot Neville. (Lainey)

– Remember when Famke Janssen said someone had been leaving creepy dolls and whatnot all around her apartment? NYPD thinks that someone…was her. The call was SUPER coming from inside the house. (Pajiba)

Chad Michael Murray and his Child Bride have called off their engagement after SEVEN YEARS. LOVE IS DEAD. (ET)

– Let’s play The IMDb Game! (Tribeca Film)

– This is a great piece on the influence costume designers — on TV specifically — have on fashion. (New York Times)

– If you watched this season of Big Brother, you will want to read ET’s interview with the houseguests, immediately post-finale. The reporter, Jarett Wieselman, did not pull punches, especially considering that ET is generally considered so friendly. (Entertainment Tonight)

– What DOES happen when you try a wacky awards-season beauty ritual like getting wrapped up like a mummy and jumping on a trampoline? (NYT)

– You probably want to look at the trailer for the new Princess Grace movie, starring Nicole Kidman — wherein, as one of you said to me this week, “she looks like…Nicole Kidman.” (Refinery29)

– I should not laugh at this headline and yet I did: Woman Charged with Stabbing Roommate Who Won’t Stop Listening to The Eagles (Time)

This NYT piece about a cagefighter is amazing. Sincerely.  And surely about to be optioned for a movie. (NYT)

All hail Girls Just Want to Have Fun. (Vulture)

– I’m glad Dianna Agron is getting work (and looking pretty). (Brydie)

– This is an excellent chat with Beverly Hills 90210’s Jackie Taylor — whose death on 90210 I REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE. (Celebuzz)

– I’ll just leave you with the title of this one: Why The New Fox Comedy “Dads” Is Actually Evil: It’s a racist, sexist, unfunny disgrace. (Buzzfeed)

– On the other end of the spectrum, you’ll want to read this interview with Rainbow Rowell about, as they put it, “love and censorship.” (The Toast)

Everyone’s all hot for Scott Eastwood right now. (Town & Country)

– Finally, big thanks to Cosmo for including us on their 2013 Cosmo Power List! We’re honored to be in such good company. (Cosmo)