Another Fashion Week down — and the Emmys are September 22nd. So much is happening! Dive right into:

– I can’t say this any better than Pajiba did: Hold On To Your Mandrakes, JK Rowling Working On A ‘Harry Potter’ Spin-Off Movie. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. As Heather said, “that script is going to be 300 pages long.” (Pajiba)

This piece about how great John Ritter was — published on the 1oth anniversary of his death — is really lovely and touching (and funny). (Vulture)

– Oh dear lord, this article about The Real Mermaids of San Marcos, Texas is stupendous. “The most magical thing about the San Marcos springs is actually no longer there—its unique submersible theater, or ‘Aquarena, which once gave audiences a window into an underwater world of mermaids, clowns, and a swimming pig named Ralph.” (Collectors Weekly)

– This piece about why The Atlantic won’t be punctuating Agents of SHIELD (I stand with you!) is one of the most amusing and best things I read all week. (Atlantic Wire)

This article about Katherine Heigl in The Hollywood Reporter is a must-read, especially if you dislike her. I believe this is what used to be called, “a hatchet job.” (THR)

– Cate Blanchett sans eyebrows on the cover of Another magazine. It is very….compelling, as covers go. (Celebitchy)

– Ugh, Tracy Anderson says she’s just waiting to “transform Lena Dunham’s body.” Um, maybe let Lena Dunham decide how she wants her body to be, dude. She seems to be pretty happy in it just as it is. (Lainey Gossip)

– Refinery29 promises they can teach me How To Sleep In For Just 10 More Minutes. SOLD. (Refinery29)

Robin Givhan did an amazing job reviewing all of NYFW’s fashion for The Cut, and here’s a round-up of all her pieces. There is a reason she won a Pulitzer. I have such a writer-ly crush on her. (The Cut)

– Over at Girls of a Certain Age, get chatting about the best fashion score you ever made. (Girls of a Certain Age)

- You SO want to see Anna Wintour grinning at Harper Seven Beckham. (Fashion Fois Gras)

Our dear friends Tom and Lorenzo take on Sandy Bullock, right after we chatted about her to them, here at NYFW. (Tom and Lorenzo)

A dude in Japan is ALREADY in line for the new iPhone. (Time)

Nicole Kidman got run over by a bike right outside Calvin Klein. Way harsh, Tai. (Socialite Life)

– We were thrilled to be featured in this New York Times Travel section story about — what else? — fashion week! (NYT)