This is one of Posh’s own designs, and it is pretty much the antithesis of everything she’s worn for the entire rest of her existence on this planet. Probably including her four pregnancies.

It’s insane. It’s a quilted smock. Maybe it’s good for sweat absorbency? And listen, we sympathize: We are TIRED. We would love to be wearing a giant periwinkle cloud that hides all the sandwiches we’ve been eating at odd hours. In fact, we might want to put that on and watch football all day today and wake up tomorrow with Ruffles still on our hair. (No judgement. Just snacking.) But we would not strap on our nicest booties and wear it into our chauffeured car, or even admit that we owned it to anyone but each other and our nearest, dearest loved ones. This dress feels like the secret only the Becks boys (and Harper) know. Then again, maybe I should be applauding Victoria for having the balls to wear this hilarrible tent, and for all we know, those are not her nicest booties at all. So. Beer me.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]