Happy almost Halloween, everyone!

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Back to your regularly scheduled programming:

– In case you missed it, we kicked off Vulture’s High School TV Showdown by choosing which show is super, Buffy or Dawson’s.

– Is it wrong that my reaction to this story about an 85 year old jewel thief — who has been stealing jewels for 50 years! – is, “good for you!!!” Probably. (The New York Times)

– Our friends at Pajiba are helpfully tracking the new TV season’s cancellations and renewals.

– This is so, so interesting, at Atlas Obscura: Where U.S. Mail Went to Die

– OH YES: Nine Costume-Design Secrets About Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (Vanity Fair)

– This is relevant to many of our interests, at Macleans: How I conquered the queue to get tickets to the Harry Potter play

– Lainey has the scoop on Halle Berry’s impending divorce.

– I love this acoustic version of Taylor Swift’s “Out of the Woods” — my own personal favorite track on 1989.

– Did we know that Kristen Stewart and Chloe Sevigny are making a movie about Lizzie Borden? I am in. (Lainey)

– This headline made me giggle, at Celebitchy:  Tom Cruise got weirdly territorial about the refrigerator on the ‘Mena’ set

Thanks to The New Potato for this recipe for the perfect mulled wine. I LOVE MULLED WINE.

– At The Telegraph: London’s most haunted Tube stations!

– Entertaining, at GQ: I Was a Halloween Costume Model

– I enjoyed Socialite Life’s Classic Hollywood Throwback Thursday of John Barrymore.