Let’s just get right into this:

– YES: Vulture has a quiz solely based on Nic Cage’s hair. I know some people who will ACE THIS.

Vulture also brings A SALUTE TO MURDER SHE WROTE. If you follow us on Facebook — you should! -- you know that Jessica Fletcher in a turban is currently our profile picture WITH GOOD REASON.

– Obviously, our friends at People have a TON of good Amal/George coverage, like this post about her jewels.

– This is a fun post over at Girls of a Certain Age: Your makeup bag only has room for three items. What are they?

– Over at Cosmo: Meet the Guy Who Owns the World’s Biggest Collection of Harry Potter Stuff

This Day in the Life of Julie Plec (the EP of Vampire Diaries and The Originals, among other things) is so good. She’s so likeable, and it also very nicely demonstrates a lot of the writing guidelines that make TVD SO SATISFYING. (Buzzfeed)

– You have got to see these CRAMAZING knitting patterns of the 70s. (Collectors Weekly)

– Don’t mind if I do: Peering into the Secret Diaries of American Artists (Smithsonian)

– The Hairpin has a first person account from Speed The PlowTo wit: “Everything is going swimmingly: I haven’t plunged to my death and Lindsay is wearing the best turquoise heels in the world. But then I notice the script. It’s covered in pink highlighter and tucked between Linds and the couch cushion.”

– From Pajiba: Gilmore Girls Fans, Look Out For These 16 Pre-Fame Stars During Your Binge Watch.

– Refinery29 brings you a very interesting look at Gone Girl SPOILERS AHOY.

- I did not realize that the paparazzi got a shot of Amal’s Post-Wedding Dress (or maybe she wore it to the reception? Or for part of?). It’s SHIMMERY. There’s a better picture of it in this week’s People, but until you get home to the mail….(Lainey)

- This interview with Benedict Cumberbatch in Time Out is enjoyable (no surprise).

– Speaking of Benderwinks Cumbymuffins, here’s a peek at him in his Richard III costume. (Celebitchy)