Have a fun and safe Halloween, y’all! (And, speaking of holidays, we rounded up some great advent calendars this week.)

FYI, we are now covering Succession!

This is SO interesting: No one does a funeral scene like the star of Mountain View Cemetery. I drive past that cemetery all the time and it is both beautiful and huge; I’m not at all surprised they film there all the time. But I am surprised by this: “Smack between two plots containing actual human remains is this Altadena cemetery’s most unusual secondary revenue stream: in the words of Mountain View’s office and operations manager, Luis Treto, ‘an empty grave we have that’s protected with steel so actors can get inside.'” [Vulture]

Also at Vulture: Most Shows Would Be Better If They Were About Vampires

This is so interesting:  Why do people cancel news subscriptions? We asked, they answered. [Nieman Labs]

This Brangelina divorce/custody fight is STILL HAPPENING, is this the longest celebrity divorce in history?!?!?! [Lainey]

Interesting: The Ghosts of COVID: Why People Are Finding Comfort in the Paranormal [Teen Vogue]

This is ALSO interesting, albeit about something very non-paranormal: Pueblos in New Mexico turn to goats for fire management. [High Country News]

Also at Lainey, some good news: Brendan Fraser is back and his latest role will be as a villain in Batgirl

I did not even know this feud EXISTED: Revisiting the Feud Between Bobcat Goldthwait and Jerry Seinfeld [Pajiba]

Let’s BUY ONE:  In Italy, old towns eager for new blood sell homes for about $1 [LA Times]

This is WILD: Adam Levine defends his perfectly nice, normal response to fan who jumped on stage. Fan culture is getting…very extreme in certain arenas. Famous people are allowed to not want randos to leap on stage to hug them while they’re working. [Celebitchy]

This is neat! Figures of Babylon: oldest drawing of a ghost found in British Museum vault [The Guardian]

This is fun: Evil movie mirrors, ranked by how evil those mirrors get [Polygon]

A good read, at Eater: “The cards told me I should have a cocktail first. It was dinnertime, I was starving, and the idea of my empty stomach being full of a vodka slushie went against all of my instincts. But this is what Divine Your Dinner, the new cookbook from Courtney McBroom and Melinda Lee Holm, asked me to do. I had to trust in the magic.”