We did this post last year, and it was really fun, so I thought — why not make it a tradition, like advent calendars are for people in general! I will note, as I believe I did last year, that the British have really nailed the advent calendar concept — WITNESS THE LIBERTY ONE! It is divine! Or all the ones they have at Fortnum & Mason, my goodness — but (a) most British shops do ship to the US in case you see something at Selfridges that you want, like this one that’s ALL MINCE PIES, and (b) the rest of us are definitely catching up. For example, there is now an advent calendar that is just Williams Sonoma Peppermint Bark. Just in cute, different shapes and sizes. There are even advent calendars specifically for your dogs or your cats! Here’s one that is just tiny rubber duckies!

Before we get too deep into this, I need to thank my friend Morgan for sending me MANY of these when we were having an Advent Calendar-themed chat; she did like 35% of the work for me here. (Our conversation started with this beautiful tea-themed one from Mariage Freres.) Also, I couldn’t get this in the widget, but Food52 has a nice selection of Advent calendars if you want to look at other snacky ones. But trust me when I say that you have OPTIONS:

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