– This obscure typewriter museum — and the story of how a typographer stumbled upon it — is AMAZING.

The Washington Post has been running a fascinating multi-part piece about the role of police in pop culture. So far, all of it has been excellent.  The first piece is about how police censorship shaped Hollywood, and it’s so interesting.

– This was totally fascinating, at the New York Times: Solange Knowles’s Stylist Will Do Anything to Hunt Down a Look

– At Hyperallergic: The Photographers of 1870s London Who Documented Their Disappearing City. The pics are fascinating.

Tom Cruise has a secret girlfriend?!?! Lainey investigates.

– Also at Lainey, ScarJo has…opened a gourmet popcorn shop in Paris. That reads like a Mad Lib.

– Racked’s interview with Westworld’s costume designer is GREAT.

– Deadspin has an article about sportswriter wunderkind Jennifer Frey, who recently died of alcoholism, is very, very well worth your time.

– I enjoy Pajiba’s 52 Films By Women series; this week, they’re tackling Wayne’s World, a movie I have seen approximately 200 times.

– This is well-timed, given the World Series being currently underway. At Hazlitt: The Art of the Box Score

– This is fun, at Collectors Weekly: Window Shopping at the Anti-IKEA: Our Top Finds at Italy’s Mercanteinfiera

– Vulture runs down The 70 Greatest Conspiracy Theories in Pop-Culture History

– At Celebitchy: Every single episode of the second season of Jessica Jones is being directed by a woman.

– Buzzfeed brings us: A ’90s Musical About Gay Life Is Now The Timeliest Show on Broadway, about Falsettos – a musical I love, but have never seen live.

– Revelist ranks all the Gilmore Girls cast!

– All Things Georgian asks: Was green fashionable in the 18th century?

And in case you missed a day or two here at GFY, some highlights:

Check out all these COATS!

– Hey, look: It’s a Benedict Cumberbatch retrospective.

SWINTON’s Fashion Through the Years shall be a balm.

– Don’t you want to look at Michelle Obama’s best gowns?