This week brings you loads of Prince Harry, some cozy coats, a bit of confusing weaving, and a totally obscure royal wedding. (PS: We also saw a bit of Princess Charlene earlier this week.)

And, elsewhere on the internet:

– From Town & Country: What the British Royal Family Looked Like the Year You Were Born

Prince Harry is off on a two-week long royal tour of the Caribbean next month, and Hello! has the details.

Fergie is denying the Eugenie Engagement Rumors, but I totally believe them. [People]

– The Daily Break brings us a very important quiz: Which Kate Middleton Coat Are You? (It’s a very effective quiz, as I DID get my favorite of Kate’s coats as a result.)

– Speaking of Eugenie, I emailed this story from The Express to Heather with the note, “this is very juicy and slightly mean,” and I stand by that: Queen at centre of royal storm as Prince of Wales and brother Andrew in royal conflict.

– This is great:

–I have some concerns about Mathilde’s look here:

We saw this dress on Kate last week, but we didn’t get to see it from this very useful angle until now:

This is a great coat on Crown Princess Mary: