We made it to the end of another week, friends! Are you in the mood to drape yourself in leopard?

At Lainey: “…Baby, One More Time” is officially 20 years old, y’all!

Also at Lainey: You know how we’re always trying to think of a good boyfriend for Jennifer Garner? SHE ALREADY HAS ONE. He’s cute!

This is neat, at the New Yorker: Bird-Watching with the Ravenmaster. (Of the Tower of London, that’s not the name of some new professional wrestler.)

The New York Times Magazine is all about CANDY at the moment — for Halloween, I assume — and it’s so interesting. Like, this look at Kit-Kats in Japan is really interesting (Japan has AMAZING Kit-Kits), and this is a fascinating look at a candy factory in Colombia.

And from last’s week’s NYT Magazine, this is great: How Carrie Mae Weems Rewrote the Rules of Image-Making

This is also really good, at Texas Monthly — also, I might be hungry: Thousands of Miles From Home, a Native South Texan Sets Out to Recreate a Beloved Family Recipe

At Pajiba: A Very Serious and Definitive Ranking of the Best Celebrity Jennifers


This is an amazing headline, at Celebitchy: Orlando Bloom may get engaged to Katy Perry: ‘He realized being single isn’t that great’. WHAT AN ENDORSEMENT OF THEIR LOVE!

At The Goods: On Instagram, there’s an influencer for everything. Even pumpkins.

Also at The Goods: A brief Halloween history of pets in costumes

At Atlas Obscura, I love this: How Does Your Tsundoku Stack Up? (That’s the Japanese word for your To Be Read pile.)

At the Mary Sue, I laughed out loud at this headline: The Disney Channel’s Life-Size with Tyra Banks is a Horror Movie and You Can’t Convince Me Otherwise